How I created my own emojis (not exactly)

The story goes long back when I and Chetan were discussing about “emojis that should exist” and the conclusion was that we cannot make our own emojis. We didn’t want stickers, we wanted it to look like messages already in the chat and that conversation ended there.


When I was taking a class on “How to make your own stickers” and I had a eureka moment 💡.

I decided to make a sticker with those custom made emojis but with the size of a message and a chat box so it wouldn’t look like a sticker just a text message with my own emojis and that will do the job.

Immediately texted Chetan..

reminded him of this conversation..

and asked him to send me some of the ideas we discussed and he sent me this.

He(we) wanted to make emojis for this photo, stickers work fine but emojis are better so..

and now comes the process.

Designing the emojis

so I opened up photoshop and started designing the emojis and after working on it for around 90 minutes I was satisfied with the result I made.

Trying it on chat message

Now I wanted to get opinion on it if it was right basically get it approved by Chetan because honestly it was his idea and I wanted to show him how it would look in a chat instead of just sending a picture with two “faces”.

So I searched for a moment in our chat where those emojis should have used took a screenshot of it and replaced those emojis with my own on photoshop.

It wasn’t that easy.

there were three problems I had to deal with.

Problem⟶ the size of the sticker

WhatsApp has a fixed size for every sticker, you cannot just make a sticker of a size of text message matlab you can par phir oopar neeche ki jagah khali chhot jayegi aur wo real nhi lagega.

Problem⟶ the colours weren’t fine

I was making the chat box green because that’s how I see it but when you receive a message the chat box is of greyish colour so I changed it (not really a problem).

Problem⟶ time


when you share a sticker WhatsApp adds the time box below the sticker and this will make it look like a sticker not a message that we wanted to create.

After trying to crop it

changing the width

and searching everything I can do.

I concluded

final result


I loved doing this.

Usually, I get ideas to create things like this and then I just keep delaying it until I forget but this time I was too glad I got this idea and immediately I started working on it I didn’t get the result I was expecting but still at least I ‘created’ something and that is the reason I am writing about all this just the next day so I don’t miss anything and I don’t delay this.

what’s next?

Turning :( and :) 90 degrees to make it a straight face.

Making something for ‘tsk’ (the sound of disappointment).

Making something less intense than 😂 because let’s be honest nobody is funny enough to make us laugh like that.